Saturday, June 30, 2007

8 Random Things About Me Meme

Midwife with a Knife has drawn me back to my blogging addiction, both by saying "hooray" that I am back (even though I am not) and then by tagging anyone who hasn't yet been tagged (which of course doesn't apply to me because I am no longer blogging).

1. I am fascinated by subatomic physics. Short-lived nuclei of intermediate mass? Goodness, that sounds important! Stars exploding? Wow! Neutrinos, gluons and kaons! I have no idea what any of it means but I find myself looking at job advertisements trying to determine what it takes to be a subatomic physicist (the short answer is: much more intelligence than I possess).

2. I dropped first year University physics three times before finally seeing it through and passing the course. I insisted on arguing with my physics Professors about how little sense what they were teaching made. See #1.

3. I am on the way to developing OCD. Before leaving the house each morning I must check (at least three times) that the coffee machine is off and that the oven is off (even if we have not used it for days). I know, you don't need to tell me: I am a freak.

4. For the first time: this year I planted my (almost) entire garden from seeds. It has been met with mixed reviews. The sweet peas, which I always plant from seed, failed to grow despite two planting attempts (I did grow an unexpected mushroom in the process). The nasturtiums, on the other hand, are blossoming. I also have a few exotic lillies on the verge of blooming. From seed! Yeah for me! You will need to wait for a report on the tomato plants from seed because they look healthy but I doubt that they will reach tomato-bearing stage before winter strikes.

5. I have a framed postcard of the Cape Winelands beside my computer. I stole that postcard. I didn't intentionally steal the postcard; it was simply lost amongst various wine purchases from a South African vineyard and neither I nor the cashier noticed it as something that I was buying. I later noticed that I hadn't been charged for it. I feel guilty every time that I look at it.

6. I have a crazy neighbour. Really, he is nuts. I have watched his reaction to normal events and he has simply lost it. He's enough for an entire post, hence I won't elaborate now.

7. I am very particular about the design on the Kleenex boxes that I buy for my home. They must match my mood(s) and the colours of the room for which they are intended. If the Kleenex boxes available at the grocery store do not meet my needs then I will go without.

8. I hate, hate, hate cleaning the bathroom. Yet I also hate, hate, hate a dirty bathroom. The current situation is a sparkling clean bathroom but a shower drain full of hair because pulling hair from a shower drain makes me gag and I simply can't do it. Let the dead hair rest in peace, I say. When it gets bad enough I will call a plumber to put the hair to final rest.

That's that. And of course you didn't read any of this because I no longer blog.

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