Monday, July 16, 2007

A Brief Note From Kitty

Hulo blobing werld. Me be beluvd kiddy.

Ma mummee sez dat du stareoids r meking me eet lots ah fud. But rilly me jus hungee. Me hav medusin in ma eers. Medusin in ma eers es mekig da lump go eway.

Me b fifdeen dis yeer. Ma inderned serches tel me dat I is olde. Bah! Me liv anuder fifdeen yeers. Me b soupr beluvd kiddy!


Pieces of Mind said...

Helo beluvad kiddy, i em gled u r feelig betr.

U r a luky kat!

Yr frend,

Peeces' kat

P.S. Ef u want gud catnep, i no where 2 find sum. ;)

Artemis said...

Hey Kitty -- remember to tell mommy how much you love her for caring so much about you and helping you get better! (Then you'll REALLY be SUPER kitty!)

feel better soon!

Dr. K said...

Peeces' kat: Hulo! I b lukee jus lik u b lukee. U n me hav humens hoo luv me n u soo bery mulch. Me b haypee dat u nd i b frendz. Shew me da cadnep! Ma mummee wury 'bot da cadnep cos ah ma hart condision bud ma mummee noes dat i luv id so ma mumee gif id 2 mee sumdimes. keap n tuch, kay?

A: I feel much better, thanks! I am a new and improved kitty now that my mommy has taken me to the vet and I on steroids. And I've taken your advice, told my mummy how much I love her, and am now REALLY a SUPER kitty!

adam said...

OH NO Dr. K, it seems like you've gone off the deep end! Too bad I'm allergic to cats... You should post a picture of your kitty if you haven't already done so!

Dr. K said...

Adam: I told kitty about your request for a picture. He said to tell you that he's very sorry but the last time that he posted his picture on the internet, the stalking got out of control. He says he learned his lesson.