Monday, July 09, 2007

Just Another Relaxing Vacation Day

Things to do on your second Monday of vacation:

1. File a personal property loss (theft) police report. Your first ever. Check.

2. Even though you hate involving lawyers in anything and are loathe to sue, join a class-action law suit because company x needs to understand that they can't get away with this. Your first ever. Check.

3. Make a vet appointment for beloved kitty, knowing that it is not going to be good news (can a tumour grow any more rapidly?) Unfortunately, not your first ever. Check.

4. Assist drunken people with drunken friend who has fallen on the street (and can't get up) until paramedics arrive. Also not your first ever. Check.

5. Go for another long bike ride, as planned. Delayed until Tuesday.

6. Take a nap, as planned. Delayed until Tuesday.

7. Read a book in the sunshine, as planned.Delayed until Tuesday.

8. Find a friend with whom to make faces at the big, bad Monday world:



Pieces of Mind said...

!!!! You're back!

:) :) :)

Please keep us up to date on how beloved kitty is doing.

Dr. K said...

Pieces of Mind: Yes, the decision has been made to return to blogging. Thanks for the :):):)! They made me smile in real life!

However, until (if) I get tenure, I will not be blogging about medicine anymore. So those who wish to read about medicine need not visit me anymore. Once (if) I get tenure, then I will have a lot to say about medicine.

There's some (maybe) good news about beloved kitty. I will have more to say about this potentially good news in 3-4 days. For now, beloved kitty is my hero. He keeps facing one health hurdle after the other and still, at the age of 15, he's proving to be a fighter.