Sunday, September 09, 2007

Two Tips for First Year Medical Students

First: don't show up thirty minutes late for your first ever PBL session. Second: if you do show up thirty minutes late for your first ever PBL session then don't spill your coffee on the faculty facilitator as you stumble over backpacks and whatnot on your way to the only empty seat in the room.

That is all.


Cathy said...

Oh oh, you have been tagged!

adam said...


Pieces of Mind said...

My father's technique (he was an English professor) was to stop his entire lecture and wait in silence until the student was seated. Then he would calmly say something like, "You forgot to shut the door," and wait silently while the student got up, walked all the way across the classrom, closed the door and walked back to his/her seat. Usually by then the whole class was staring and snickering.

Most of the time that student was never late again. ;)

Dr. Wannabe said...

Wow... I don't even know what I would do.

On a similar note: during my freshman year I had an 8AM Intro. Philosophy class, which of course was in the building on the opposite side of campus. I woke up slightly late and started to make my way for the class. Leave at 7:55AM, oh well so I'll be 10 minutes late. I walk into the class, take a seat and am astounded by how many notes she has up already. 5 minutes go by and she tells us that that's all for the day and we can go. Slightly confused I look at my watch and realized I walked in the class at 9:10 NOT 8:10. That explained the weird looks I got.

Anonymous said...

lol, I'll bear that in mind for next week.