Monday, January 21, 2008

All Alone and Drowning

T-1 days until the manuscript revisions are due. Co-author #1 has decided to take holiday this week (gosh, I really hope that you are having the time of your life) and co-author #2, who has essentially been useless since day one and will never again be included on one of my publications, is now in a large eastern U.S. city doing goodness knows what.

Meanwhile I am drowning in linear regressions and ANOVAs and Welch tests, trying to prove to the reviewers that we (all three of us who are listed as authors, two of which are currently letting me drown) know what we are talking about.

Have I mentioned recently how little I know (or care) about such statistical details?

I plan to drink quite heavily once these revisions have been submitted. Believe me, I have earned the hang-over.

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Anonymous said...

Woah heavy week, hope the publications got submitted and accepted.