Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Today at 30,000 Feet

Long-term readers of my (mostly deleted) blog will know that few things give me greater pleasure than taking pictures such as this.

Today I was able to do it twice.

Yippee! I love flying! Twice in one day? You've got me!

The rush of the jet engines, the hurry-hurry down the runway and then, blast-off!!

(Don't forget to count to ten before fully enjoying the blast-off.)

Long-term readers? Yes, I know, I am still working on standing steady in the path of a landing jumbo. I will share pictures once I accomplish that.


DHS said...

at our local airport there is a public road about 50m from the end of the runway. you can stand on either side of this road and watch the jumbos approach. I was there once and thought "that was a quiet 747" - it turned out to be a 380. the feeling of having them pass overhead on final (maybe 1/8 mile from touchdown point) is fantastic.

Beach Bum said...

On the Caribbean island of St. Maarten, you can stand on Maho beach and let the 747's fly right over you.