Saturday, May 24, 2008


He's had his claws clipped once a week for all of his life.

He's put up with it because it's always been mid-cuddle and there has always been a treat after. He used to purr throughout the weekly ritual.

These days?

It means dragging 17-year-old beloved kitty out from under the bed (literally). Clipping happens now only once a month because it's all the torture I can imagine. I still do it because I worry about his claws growing into his pads. But once a month is all that I can take.

He hisses at me. He bites me. He pees on me. I have to physically restrain him. All during one nail clipping.

Other than that, he still purrs whenever he sees me. That's enough to continue the love.

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Dragonfly said...

Kitteh sounds like a paragon of (ageing) cathood in comparison to some I have known...