Saturday, May 03, 2008


Fat Cyclist (and his wife Susan) will surely welcome your words of support.

Go and leave a comment for them. Please.

It's served to remind me how precious every day should be.


Bardiac said...

It's amazing how small the blog world is, isn't it. I hadn't realized you were a biker, or at least a Fat Cyclist reader (though now I see it on your blogroll thing).

Sad news over there. A sad reminder to really think about what's important.

I hope you and your kitty are doing better.

Dr. K said...

Yes, Bardiac, I used to race bicycles competitively in my former life. These days bike riding is more for exercise and enjoying the great outdoors.

I am still sending daily thoughts and prayers to Fatty and Susan and am so pleased that they are having this respite with the radiation treatments so that they can have lucid, quality time together.

And both kitty and I are doing better, thanks. Kitty recovered from his second clot much more quickly than the first time around.