Friday, August 15, 2008

Facebook = Me Reading Your Thoughts. Literally.

I wonder whether the incoming medical class is aware that their recently created Facebook group is really and truly in the public domain.

I am led to believe that they must be oblivious to this fact.

I can't think of any other reason to account for some of the damaging information that they are currently sharing with me through their Facebook group.

P.S. To the Facebook medical class of 2012 at my University: it's anyway. Not anywayS. I'm warning you now about my complete, total and never-ending lack of tolerance for the latter and similar ignorance.


Cathy said...

LOL...You tell them, Doc.

Dr. Wannabe said...

I'm not gonna lie. If I had you as a professor after reading your blog, I would be somewhat terrified.

`jhawke said...


that is awesome.

Dragonfly said...

So true. I keep posting my sister news articles about why sticking up drunk pictures of yourself is a Very Bad Idea, with no effect as yet. I also decided not to join the group "Wikipedia is getting me through medical school", or join any "insert name of medical professor 'appreciation societies'" unless they are genuine.
How is your cat?

adam said...

Dr. K, you should start quoting some of the things they have said on facebook during your lectures to see if they can pick it up! LOL.