Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Dear Beloved Kitty,

I am sorry that -- only two short months out of your surgery and cancer diagnosis -- you have suffered another clot.

Third one, buddy. I hope you don't remember the previous two like I do.

I am sorry that this clot has been a particularly nasty one that has left you partially paralyzed (but thankfully pain free as far as we can tell) in both of your hind limbs.

I am sorry that it is now so confusing for you when you try to walk. Keep trying, buddy. I'm here to catch you if you fall.

Most of all, I am sorry that this clot happened on the morning of your 17th birthday. It was rotten timing, wasn't it my little buddy?

I am beyond sorry that you spent your 17th birthday at the veterinary hospital but I am so glad that the evening of your 17th birthday was spent back at home, with your favourite treats and purrs and cuddles.

Biggest hugs,
Your ever-loving human.

P.S. More than anything else, this is all about you and your quality of life. I hope that you trust me enough to know that I won't keep you here for me. I won't keep you here for a second beyond your life becoming unbearable for you. The minute your enjoyment stops, I will let you go. It will break my heart, but I will let you go.


Hilaire said...

Oh no, I'm so sorry. How scary for you and Kitty. Big virtual hugs - and happy birthday wishes.

jhawke said...

your letter has me sobbing all over my keyboard.

lotsa love, little kitty (and kitty-loving human).

Bardiac said...

Best wishes to Kitty. I'm sorry you both have to go through this again.

Pieces of Mind said...

Oh noes. :(

I think these situations are almost harder for us than they are for our kitties. Thank goodness he was home by the end of the day, with his beloved human.

17 years - what an accomplishment!

Hopin' for the best for both of you.

Dragonfly said...

Sorry to hear about that. Glad kitty enjoyed a 17th birthday...wow!

Kendra said...

I second all the above comments. My thoughts and hugs go out to the both of you. As a crazy animal lover (and one who has gone through similar battles with a pet), I know how difficult these times can be. So glad that you've been able to spend 17 wonderful years together! Wishing you both the best, and many more purrs to come!

Jared At The Doctor Job said...

Keep us posted. Hopefully he gets well very soon!

Anonymous said...

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