Friday, November 14, 2008

Listen To Your Heart

When kitty died (was put to sleep) my immediate neighbours (and many other people -- bless you all) brought me flowers. We exchanged hugs and tears and I knew that they understood.

Two weeks later, when neighbours' dog died (was to put to sleep) from doggy MS, I took them flowers. We exchanged hugs and tears and they knew that I understood.

That was 8/6 weeks ago.

One week ago, neighbours began to tell me that they were adopting a new dog. I expressed delight to them but within myself I questioned how they could possibly think of such a thing so soon.

Today, as I was pulling up in my car, I saw them with their new dog. My heart soared. I have never felt anything quite like it. My heart soared to see my neighbours frolicking with a new dog.

I leaped out of my car to greet the new addition to the neighbourhood and was quickly told by my neighbours to avoid new dog's collar because his previous owners used to grab him by the collar and beat his face repeatedly.

My heart broke instantly at the thought but soared again in the next moment. This little doggy, so poorly treated until now, will have a fabulous, spoiled rest of his life with my neighbours. I have not a moment of doubt about that. Thank goodness that my neighbours had it in them to give love to another doggy so soon after the loss of their last doggy.

My heart soared.

It's time. It's time for me to bring home another kitty who needs (and deserves) endless love and Greenies and skritchy-skratchies and furry-purries.

Thank you, neighbours. You've made me really listen to my heart. You've made me understand that we can still love our lost pets while making room for new pets who so very much need love here and now.

[yeah, i know, medical blog? pffftht.]


Cathy said...

It made me very happy to read this post. Happy for you and happy for the kitty that will soon find a new home with you.

Anonymous said...

Great news! Please post a pic of the new kitty if you get a chance :)

Dragonfly said...

I love hearing about your kitty stories. Life won't allow me to get a cat/dog right now, so I live my kitty dreams vicariously....
And owning a pet = greater wellbeing = happier doctor.

Are you going pet shop/breeder, giveaway from a litter or adopting from a shelter?

Dr. K said...

Thanks, you guys. It makes me happy to know that it makes you happy.

Cathy: I am going to get a pair this time. Two kitty cats!

Harry: pictures will be posted per your request. :)

Dragonfly: there is a shelter in my city for abandoned/orphaned cats. It's awesome -- it's a huge house where the cats are allowed to roam freely until they are adopted. I will be adopting a pair from there.

Midwife with a Knife said...

I'm so glad you're able to give some needy kitties a new home. And I do think it's totally individual as to when it's time to get a new pet after having lost one. People know when they're ready, and I'm glad you're ready. :)

Dr. Wannabe said...

Ugh. You've moved on sooo much faster than I have. All I had to hear was that my dog's name was my mom's computer password at work and I got all choked up. You'll have to let me know if new cats are anything other than a constant reminder of kitty.

Pieces of Mind said...

Oh, wow! This just totally makes my day!

I think we all have our own timetable. When it's time, you just know.

Sometimes I think there are unseen forces at work. We grieve when a beloved pet dies, but maybe it's fate's way of telling us there's another animal out there who's meant to be part of our life, and that it's time for it to happen.

When it comes to love, the heart has infinite room.


Bo said...

A few years ago I had a special kitten who died and I thought it would break my heart. I cried for days. But I did get another kitten a few months later and was glad I did. It does my heart good to see loved, well-treated pets.

Kendra said...

This post made my heart soar. So true! Your new kitty will be sooo lucky to have you!