Friday, December 05, 2008

Incredible Service

My University work computer died today. Just died. Full stop. No warning. I was left staring at a blue screen of death, pondering what this meant for the many files that I had apparently just lost (not to mention the many as-yet unanswered emails from anxious pre-exam medical students).

I put in my first ever call to the Faculty's Medicine Information Technology (MedIT) hot line. Within 5 (5!) minutes a friendly MedIT dude was knocking on my office door. Within another 5 minutes my computer was in pieces and MedIT dude had my hard drive in his hands (he even gave me a brief tour of the innards of a computer -- I had never seen them before).

Within an hour all of my files were returned to me on an external hard drive, a loaner laptop was sitting on my desk and a new desktop computer had been ordered because they "don't want to mess around trying to fix a computer that's breaking down because you need a reliable machine".


Thanks, MedIT. You rock.

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Anonymous said...

i hope the old machine got donated to a worthwhile cause ..