Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Office Location

My University office space has recently been relocated.

Where to?

Well, I'm most unhappy to answer: directly across from a single-user washroom. Very little separates my desk from the toilet that is used, by my best estimate, once every 60 seconds during the average work day.

I now sit in my office (even with the door closed) and listen to people farting, urinating and defecating. Believe me, people are noisy with their ablutions.

It leaves me with two questions:

1. Do the people who designed this building live in their parent's basement and have no clue about basic working conditions? Who the fuck designs office space directly across from a bathroom?

2. Should I be worried about tenure? Are they asking me to leave through this re-location? Because, believe me, this office space full of farting, urinating and defecating noises will do it.


Cathy said...

Well that is horrible for them to do that to you. Is there not anyone to talk to? Can you ask to be moved? I would not like that at all.

Bardiac said...

In my building, it's just another office. We have them across from the elevator (so tons of people step out of the elevator and interrupt the person in the office to ask where the department office is, or where their prof is. And we have them across from the main office (same interruption issue), and across from the restrooms.

In my world, we're just glad to have offices with windows and central heating.

Try not to take it too personally, I guess.

I hope your world is similar enough to mine that that makes sense.

adam said...

I recently ran into one of my professors in the restroom. It was really weird. Needless to say I got out of there before he started farting, trinkling, and god knows what...

Dragonfly said...

Yerk. Hope the kitties are doing well, on the home front.

Pieces of Mind said...

Merry Christmas and happy 2009 to you and the kittehs!