Sunday, April 12, 2009

While Waiting For The Tenure Decision ...

... Let's have a kitty cat update with a long-ish story cut short.

As you know, I lost beloved kitty with much heart-break and, two months later, adopted two new kitties (siblings).

In the first month post-adoption, these two new kitties hated everyone. They hated me and they hated each other. There was a great deal of hissing at each other and scratching me. I was patient because I knew that they had been bounced between three homes in one month. They didn't yet know that they were now in their forever home.

When the "I hate you (my human) and I hate my sibling" behaviour continued into the second month, I became a little concerned.

By month three they had stopped hissing at each other and stopped scratching me.

By month four they were actively seeking me out (greeting me at the door when I came home and leaping at the opportunity to join me in bed with purrs as I read a book) and giving each other licks and sniffing each others' bums.

Now, month five, we are one very happy family. There are purrs all around. Kisses on the head between them are now a common sight.

They are in their forever home and they know it. And they fill me with delight on a daily basis.


Dragonfly said...

So glad to hear that.

Kendra said...

This warms my heart!

medstudentitis said...

aw. so glad to hear things are working out! Thanks for the tip on the gels. I'm going to have a gel tasting fest one day and figure out which ones won't make me ralf.

Pieces of Mind said...

That is so sweet!

I look at this way: Cats are selective. They don't warm up to just anyone; they have to test you first. Obviously you've passed. :)