Thursday, February 11, 2010


The move was a breeze and the new place is great. So that's good. I've become best friends with my local Home Depot store. That's been fun. I've discovered that I like being a handyman and I really enjoy being able to make my home look the way that I want it. The joys of home ownership abound.

What is not so good (baffling even) is that colleague and I had a paper rejected for publication. It took two months for the peer reviews to be returned. Well, peer review. Singular. One single peer review (what's up with that?) took two months to be returned to us.

The review itself was actually quite good, stating that the paper makes a valuable contribution to research area of awesomeness but that some points need to be addressed prior to publication (and the points were valid and easily addressed). Sounds good, right? Well, the editor of the journal rejected the paper based on that one (what we thought was positive) review. The editor commented that he hoped this would not discourage us from submitting further manuscripts to the journal in the future. Hell yeah, it will.

In any case, we're now submitting the paper to another journal. The journal is a good one but the list of instructions to authors for formatting is long and exhaustive. Silly even. And this is why I look much like this these days:

Ah, there, that feels better. I especially like when my eye ball pops out and starts swinging around my head on the optic nerve. Trust me, it feels fabulous compared to formatting the manuscript.

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Kendra said...

Sometimes there is nothing as fulfilling as using power tools and making your home nicer and exactly how you like it!

Sorry to hear about the paper, but I'm sure (after beating your head into your computer a few times), you'll find the right journal to publish it!