Thursday, July 26, 2007

Another Brief Note From Kitty

Ma lump seamd to respund to ma eeer medisun. Ad ferst. Now nud so much.

Me skered cus mummee is tekin me bak to da ved.

Mummee skered cos shee noes dad dis mey meen wat sheee inidsaly thught.

Fer now me an mummee go sleepie sleepie tugeder and shur da luv.



Cathy said...

Kitty, I hope your visit to the vet goes good. You have a good mummee and I know she will take good care of you.

Pieces of Mind said...

Mee hev my pawz krost 4 u.

Howevver it turns owt, it wull all b OK. OK?


Peeces' kat