Friday, August 17, 2007

Take Two?

Along with a new look for the blog (inspired by Pieces of Mind's new look), I am considering returning to blogging about teaching medical students. Only this time (should I decide to do so) it will not be free-flowing thoughts written as I think them followed by an immediate click on the 'publish post' button. Rather it will be more self-censored with the aim of protecting my tenure application.

What prompted this? A few things (mostly centred on the blogging events that spooked me into silence in early June). First, the realisation that Flea got into the trouble that he did because he was blogging in real time about real events, no holding back. Second, the realisation that Barbados Butterfly was a different personality from me entirely and she wrote about things in a way that I simply would not ... things that I appreciated very much for the honesty and candor but still things that found her in a difficult position at her work place. Third, Fat Doctor was 'outed' but it didn't impact her career and she has returned to blogging in such a manner that, really, anyone who knew her old blog could easily 'out' her again in a heartbeat. Finally, an understanding that I can write about teaching medical students in a way that is not objectionable to anyone or any University or hospital that is in the business of training medical students. Such that even if this blog is somehow ever associated with me and my tenure application, well, no harm done.

But perhaps the greatest revelation has been from Dr. Dino's recent post, which he post-scripted with a message notifying us that the post had been gestating for months. Believe it or not, but this was a blog-altering event for me. Of course I am aware that one can save posts in draft form but it honestly has never occurred to me to do so. In the past (and even now) I blog when the thought(s) cross(es) my mind, I sit down and write and then I publish immediately. I now realise that if I am blogging about something that is a little dicey then I can write it, sit on it for as long as I like to ensure that it's not going to hurt me or anyone else in any way at all and then publish when I am confident that it's a good idea.

One final thought: Adam left a comment a while ago that has been rattling around in my brain ever since:

Dr. K, I really miss those medical related posts you used to write, but understand your predicament. Nonetheless I still visit your blog every day! I really enjoyed your valuable insight from a medical teacher point of view because it does help me to become a better student and thus become a better doctor.

I really miss those posts too. I had no idea that anything that I rambled on about had any impact on anyone. Adam, quite unprompted, proved that perhaps (even if in some small way) I may have an impact.

With a fresh incoming class (combined with the existing classes) ready to burst into my office with questions, questions, questions in only a matter of days, perhaps now is as good a time as any to return to my old blogging ways ... with new 'rules' in place.


adam said...

See I knew you couldn't stay away! ;)

Cathy said...

Oh thank you! I'm so happy to read this. You have alot to share and we all learn from the things you share, even us non medical people learn from you.

your absolutely right about some of the other's also. I never could understand all the blogs closing, and everyone not blogging after Flea's trouble. There was no one else doing what he was doing, and he should not have been doing it either. I liked his blog and I have stood up for him on many blogs, but that doesn't excuse what he did. It should not have effected everyone like it did.

#1 Dinosaur said...

Welcome back (and thanks for the props.)

I have several other drafts waiting around to be fleshed out. I usually jot down a title and just a few points about it in the body before "saving as draft". Eventually, something pops into mind and then it almost writes itself.

adam said...

Hey Dr. K, since you seem to be in the mood for change, might I suggest you check out a template site I've been developing over the last 2 weeks? I know what you're thinking... where the hell does he find time to do all this? Not studying helps.

Midwife with a Knife said...

Welcome back, and I love the new digs!

Kendra (theislandmedstudent) said...

Yay! Dr. K is back in living color! I'm so glad you found an arrangement which allows you to write without potentially causing any harm to your career. As I think I mentioned before, I'm in a not-too-dissimilar situation with my school. And I do the exact same thing, where I will wait a day or so until I publish something, after I've had time to really think it over. Anywho, I'm very glad you've returned!