Thursday, August 09, 2007

Kitty Pharmacy

Twice per day: medicine (prednisone) in his ear. That's the white syringes. Alternate ears: righty nighty, left in the morning. The finger condoms are for me so that I am not taking steroids at the same time.

All still in an attempt to treat kitty's lump (although the vet is now starting to think that surgery may be the best/only option).

One per day: BP med. Those are the pills. No explanation necessary.

Once every three days: 1 ml in the red syringe of suspension aspirin, hopefully to prevent further clots. It's been working for the past year, so here's raising a glass.

Poor kitty. He hates it all as much I dislike forcing it on him.

(I really, really, really miss blogging about medicine. Argh.)


Pieces of Mind said...

Oh my. I surely sympathize with both of you.

I guess we do it because we love our kitties, right?

Dr. K said...

Yes, PofM, we do it because we love them. We love them very, very much.