Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Uh Oh

I've discovered Facebook.

At first I laughed at it. Now I am a new addict.

It has, in the the past two days (two days!) alone, put me back in touch with many friends around the world that I had lost contact with.

Don't laugh at Facebook. You'll be amazed at how many people can track you down. And vice versa.

I have turned into a Facebook stalker. You may be next.


adam said...

*shakes my head at Dr. K*

Midwife with a Knife said...

I refuse to submit to the Hegemony of facebook. :)

Dr. K said...

It took only four days for me to grow tired of it. I'm done with Facebook.

Dr. Wannabe said...

you may think you're done with facebook, but you're not. you never are. you just won't be as addicted as you started out being. trust me, this undergrad knows.

Dr. K said...

Dr. Wannabe: while I respect your addiction (ha ha), believe me when I say that I am done.

I appreciate the fact that it put me back in touch with many people, but I am now tired of notifications that I haven't "answered a question" that a friend has asked or responded to a "zombie invitation" (??!) (both require that I sign up for an account of some sort and add something to my Facebook page).

Apart from the fact that I find it intended for people younger (literally and interest-related) than I, Facebook requires much more time than I am able (or willing) to give it.

Yes, I know, my comments speak volumes for most of the people who have found me through Facebook. Those people obviously have much more spare time than I. Fair enough.

Dr. K said...

BTW: MWAK, I love that you used the word 'hegemony' wrt to Facebook. Where were you before I found it?!

Adam: I'm over it. You may now stop shaking your head. Resume your fascination with breasts.

adam said...

I'm so over breasts now and moved on to legs :) ... OH who the hell am I kdding, forget I just said that. Seriously though, I'm a little bit concerned - I've been writing a lot of posts about cadavers and SBB's melons.. I wonder what that means?