Wednesday, January 09, 2008

9 Days of 2008

1. I am swamped under two manuscript revisions. This is good news because it means that two of my research articles have been accepted for publication, both pending nothing more than minor revisions. This is bad news because I have oh so much other work to get through as well and so the minor part of minor revisions is not feeling so minor.

2. I think I have solved the kitty poop-all-over-the-place and pee-on-Dr.-K problem. The solution appears to be a second litter box, located strategically at the foot of the bed. Kitty appears to adore his newest litter box and has abandoned his other one (although it is still there and is as clean as his new one). Of course this means that kitty wakes me up in the middle of the night while peeing and/or pooping in his new litter box. This is very unpleasant but much more pleasant than kitty waking me in the middle of the night while peeing on me/the bed.

3. I think I may have bed bugs. Think. Yuck! I followed a "find out if you have bed bugs" flow chart that I found online and that told me that I do not have bed bugs. Which of course makes a whole lot of sense because where on earth would they have come from?? But if these darn bites on my body aren't bed bug bites then I am baffled.

4. I am asking for a raise tomorrow. Wish me luck.

5. The next time that I am driving downtown on a dark and rainy morning and a pedestrian -- dressed all in black -- darts out into the road in front of me against their signal then I won't bother slamming on the brakes. Colour me cranky, but I am sick and tired of such adrenaline rushes before my first cup of coff-ay.

6. I seem to be suffering from insomnia lately. This may be a contributing factor to point #5.

7. Today I chatted with one of my favourite first-year medical students. She is very excited about everything and simply bursting with energy for what she is currently learning. I smiled sadly as I listened to her because she does not yet know that she failed her last examination. Results will be made available to her next week. Sigh.

8. Next week I have an appointment with a fourth-year medical student who wants to drop out, quit medicine forever and yet has no idea what else he wants to do with his life. Sigh.

9. I have started to assemble my tenure and promotion dossier, which will be submitted this year. I am already drowning in paper work. This may be a contributing factor to points #1, #4, #5 and #6.

9 down. 356 to go.


the little medic said...

eek to 7 and 8.

7 - poor girl, her enthusiasm will probably suffer as a result of her failing. I hope it was just a blip

8 - what do you say to someone like that. 4th year is quite late to decide you don't want to do it right?

Anonymous said...

agree with little medic, im sure you will endeavour to soften the blow for number 7, as for number 8 im sure you can persuade him otherwise and as for number 4 - best of luck!!

`jen said...

whoohoo! raise!

hope that went well today!

Dr. Wannabe said...

I thought I had bed bugs once cause i kept waking up with all these different bites on me, but my roommate wasn't getting any bites at all, and are beds were very close to each other. i went to health services, they gave me some antibiotic, bites went away and never got another "bite." strangest thing ever.