Sunday, November 23, 2008


I now have two new kitty cats and I would love to share pictures but one is hiding under the couch and the other is camped out in her carrier. Shame, the poor little souls have been bounced between three homes (their original home, the foster home and now my home) in the past four weeks. I'd be hiding under the couch as well!


Pieces of Mind said...

How exciting!

I'm pretty sure they'll warm up their new mommy and their new surroundings in no time. Cats are very attached to their environment, and it's very unsettling for them to be shoved around from pillar to post. :( It just takes a little tincture of time.

I'm sorry about all the adoption hassles. Mainly, shelters want to make sure that animals are going into a permanent situation with responsible people so the cycle of homelessness doesn't repeat itself. We want them leaving the shelter with a better future than when they came in.

The shelter where I volunteer is pretty typical: fill out an application and undergo a reference check. Red flags have been known to pop up, e.g. someone who claims to have had cats for years but cannot provide a veterinary reference, or someone who rents and doesn't have their landlord's OK to have a pet. We also require a 24-hour waiting period to prevent "impulse" adoptions.

I'm dead certain *you* don't need all these rules, but it's a case of a few bad people ruining it for everyone else.

So give us the deets! Are both your new kitties girls? Are they sisters? How old are they? What color/pattern are they? I can't wait to read more about them!

Hilaire said...

That's great news!! I can't wait to see pics when they're ready to come out of hiding! Congrats.

Dragonfly said...

Hooray! So happy for you (aah, I wantz a kitteh!) Hope they settle in soon.

tracy said...

That's fantastic! i am really happy for you. i want a kitty too...

Dr. Wannabe said...

I want a puppy... but I don't have the time I need to train and generally take care of. I would consider a cat if I wasn't allergic. Bah.

Dr. K said...

Pieces: I fully understand (and very much appreciate) the need for careful background checks. My frustration lay in the complete lack of communication. I went days without hearing anything at all; I simply wanted to be kept up-to-date about my application. Anyway, in the end it turned out well. I guess that patience really is a virtue.

And, yes, they are sisters. My first ever girl cats. They are three years old (I was set on adopting older cats as I know that they find it so much more difficult to find homes than do kittens). They are mostly black but have adorable white feet (socks!) and have crazy long white whiskers. Can you tell that I am already in love?

Hilaire: one is out of hiding but I have not yet taken any pictures (I'm too thrilled with watching her roam and listening to her first (for me) purrs -- she's letting me scratch her head!). Her sister is a little more nervous. She comes out of hiding at times but so far I am sensing that it is too early to try to make any sort of physical contact.

Dragonfly and Tracy: thank you both. I hope that you both have kittehs soon.

Dr. Wannabe: to answer your earlier question: no, they are not a constant reminder of beloved kitty. They are completely different from beloved kitty. I will forever miss (and love) beloved kitty and I wish that he could still be here with me forever and ever, but every kitty is different and I am so pleased that I am now able to offer these two cats a new and forever home.

Midwife with a Knife said...

congrats on the kittens! :)