Monday, October 05, 2009

My Only Wish ...

... Is that drivers of cars will stop using their great mass to knock me off of my bicycle.

I get it: you are bigger and you will always win.

I wish that you would get: I may be smaller, but I still had the right of way in every incident to date. Police charges and fines back me up on this.

I'm glad that you all have been charged and fined. I hope that you are all poor and that each and every penny of that fine will hurt you as much as you hurt me by running me over with your CAR while I am on a BICYCLE.

Fuck. I am sick and tired of the total body physical pain that follows a bike (me) versus car (asshole) incident.

(Yes. There is a history. And yes, there was another incident today.)


Cathy said...

Are you OK? I hope that you are. Thinking about you.

medstudentitis said...

Been there! Sorry to hear you've had to go through it, again... Hope you're ok.

Kendra said...

And that goes for pedestrians as well!!!!

Hope you made it through okay. Many people should never be allowed to drive cars, or have horns.

Dragonfly said...

Sorry to hear that.